We continue with the issue of how to overcome the apathy. Once you have decided that you want to leave the comfort zone, you are suddenly seized by a doubt as to what is the first step. The fact that you have to decide, it often blocks you.

Yes, it is easy to say: GO INTO ACTION! But the process of starting,

… the jump out of the comfort zone to the movement zone, to the learning zone offers resistance. But the decision and the prioritizing offer bigger resistance. Have you been disorientated? Didn’t you know what the meaning of your life was? And now, do you know what you want and what priorities do you have?

But when have you been lost?  Have you established priorities because you have begun to recognize yourself, to decide and you want to plot an action plan.

How do you organize and carry out your priorities?

Your Supreme Objective: You have found out which the reason of your existence is.

Your Aims:  You know what you want. You surely want lots of things at the same time. This is where it gets complicated.

Your Travel Plan: You have plotted a plan which leads you to movement, to travel.

However a question arises:

How do I pack everything in my luggage?

It’s time to assign priorities, not to doubt and to carry them out:

  1. Trust your intuition. Don’t overthink it!
  2. Simplify and tidy up! Get rid of every superfluous thing. What is a superfluous thing? Everything you can give up because it contributes nothing new to reach your aims. Sell it, give it as a present. If you want come through safely, you need a light luggage.
  3. Organize and establish stages. They are steps in your way to change. At the beginning these steps need an order. You can improvise, change the plan. But you have to begin with an order which allowed you to assign your priorities.
  4. Carry out your priorities! For this task, you need to distinguish between “important” and “urgent”. Get rid of urgent issues. Begin with important matters and urgent issues are going to drastically reduce.  To answer a phone call or e-mail is not usually urgent. They don’t need an immediate answer. This is a good example for other situations of your life.

If any, there’s only one priority: to get back the meaning and joy of your life.

If you are lost, you have to begin to look for yourself and find your happiness.


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