In the video below we can see different scenes of the film Gattaca as well as the evolution of someone’s character and determination. Nothing is established from the beginning. The only way to achieve things is giving your all and

“do not save anything for the way back”

, not even fear.

When we create a life or professional project, we must firmly believe in it. We must not question its achievement. If we do, we are lost. Our mind will be put to work, so that our reality and beliefs are exactly the same.

Standards to be followed if you want to have a successful project are:

  1. You must believe in your project. Don’t be afraidof losing. If you don’t act, everything will be lost. One of the elements of the success formula is:

     BELIEVE it and be yourself.

  2. Establish not only challenging, but also achievable objectives. Do not think of going back. Think of going forward. Every setback makes you move forward.
  3. Create an action plan with its associated dates of compliance. Establish different stages to achieve. Every time you achieve one, stop and enjoy the result. After that, keep going on.
  4. Establish a commitment with yourself. Do not even try to put pressure on those who are around you. Nor do wait to receive their approval.  You are the one that is at stake.
  5. Know yourself. What exactly?
    • Your character and personality.
    • Your talents, natural gifts, experience and skills.
    • Your dreams or vocation.
  6. Recognize your fears and overcome them. Believe in those things that seem impossible. Everything is in your mind.

  7. Visualize the arrival point. Use techniques of creative visualization. Visualize your several stages.

  8. It must have a strong load of spiritualism and importance. How do you to be remembered?

  9. There is no room for mediocrity. We must use the trial by error method. You are certainly not as weak as you believe.
  10. Enthusiasm and determination should overflow. Start with a coaching process, so that you can give your best.

You know that nothing is written in stone. Your book was blank. You can let other people to keep writing it for you or you can be in charge of your life. You can write your own story. Create your present and future. Enjoy happiness. It is part of your path. It is on threshold of your project end.

Life is not a film, but it is your story. Live your life!