Well I would say that like all things in life, the answer is to find the right balance. But now I am going to answer with another question. What do concerns give you? You will say that it allows you to anticipate problems and I will say: “well, maybe you are right”.

I add another question: what does it happen with your life, your present? If you devote so much effort to project your future and anticipate potential problems that hardly ever come up or completely different problems arise, then you will probably never live in the moment. You’ll live with worries.

Look at the list below. If one of these worries is part of your usual thoughts…then it is time to begin worrying about it.

The magical list of  worries

My children. Am I going to be a good mother or father?

Happiness. Are those around me happy?

My health. I can get sick. What can it happen?

Death. What if I die soon?

A job. Well, it’s difficult to get in the present situation.

Economics. Who is going to fix it? Our politicians? I do not think so.

My safety.  What if I get mugged?

Accidents. What if something happens to me?

What do other people think about me? What if they think I’m not a good person?

My weight. What if I get sick? What if I don’t have a good figure? What if they do not rely on me?

Money. What am I going to do if I do not have any money?

My age. I do not want to be a burden for my family in the future.

Love. What if I lose the love of my most beloved person?

Talk in public. What if I am not able to do it?


I do not go on with this list as I am sure you have already identified yourself with one or more of these concerns. Haven’t you? Then, congratulations! You are living in the moment and happiness is around you.


Oh, one more thing, be in a good mood and find your own intimacy.


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