1. LUST (of Germanic origin). According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

– intense or unbridled sexual desire.

– an intense longing

2. Lust is usually considered a sin caused by excessive thoughts of sexual nature or uncontrollable sexual desire.

3. Anonymous.

‘possessive thoughts about another person’

When we listen to the word “lust”, our imagination gives free rein to orgies and uneasiness. But many times lust is part of an obsession to possess. We try to fill a gap caused by the lack of a personal project for a meaningful and emotional life. We obsessively try to project that gap in the possession of someone’s body, mind and/or emotions.

It is easily induced by our Western culture where the value of To Have and To Be reign. Once we possess the long desired good, the satisfaction disappears and a new vicious circle begins.

What can we do to let people around us fly?

What can we do to be free?

  1. To understand that people are not acquired properties or properties to be acquired. When we refer to people with whom we share our life, we should remove the word “my” from our usual vocabulary. It is preferable to use their names.
  2. To create a life project for a meaningful existence. Not to project our weaknesses doubtsand fears.
  3. To design spaces where movement prevails. Movement should be understood as an individual growth in interaction with other people. A relationship based on love.
  4. The concept of expiry is not pejorative and the concept of eternity is a concept created to palliate cowardice and fear to live our life and our present. The expiry has the implicit essence of renovation as a result of exhaustion. It is not the corruption by deterioration. It means the generation of new energy.
  5. To accept the magnificence of freedom. It must be understood as the generosity, so that other people live their life.
  6. To base happiness on the value of “To Be” in the present moment. Our happiness must not be built on the accumulation of “something”.

Regardless your belief, the best present you can offer to those around you is freedom of choice and decision.

Obviously the best present for you is to simplify your life, to remove anything superfluous and vain from your life, to live only with what is necessary.

Let the movement be part of your being.